SuperGenius makes video games look and play better. Our studio is made up of experienced teams specializing in the 5 primary disciplines of game art: Concepts, Animation, Characters, Environments, and VFX.

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Full-spectrum support.

SuperGenius provides full-spectrum art and animation support for video game developers. We do this through five departments, each dedicated to a core discipline. These disciplines are Concepts, Animation, Environments, Characters, and VFX.

It is this specialization that allows us to support game developers in the areas where the most help is required. It enables us to take on more technically complex projects with very specific art direction and game design needs. Being a multidiscipline art house allows us to do things no other studio can.

We are built solely to help game developers ship games. This is why we specialize. No matter how different our clients are or how unique their problems, they face the same need for expertise and support from these five disciplines. We work with our clients to diagnose those , formulate a plan, and execute it with 100% success rate every time.