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September 1, 2009 | Cinematics Publishing

It was simple luck that Tyler Jackson was born as the eleventh of fifteen seriously deprived children in Wilton, NH. This situation had a profound influence on Tyler because, although toys were hard to come by, paper and pencils were not. As a result Tyler spent a majority of his childhood drawing robots and ninjas and imagining toys that he would like to own.

Tyler also discovered that being able to draw better than anyone else in his family made him special and it was clearly destiny that art was his ticket to fame and fortune. Unable to get into design school at NC State, Tyler spent a few years in fruitless pursuit of a political science degree. Eventually, after a couple years spent managing an organic food market, Tyler moved with his wife, Emily, to Portland, OR where he attended and graduated from the Pacific Northwest College of Art. Upon graduation Tyler received several awards, including the prestigious William H. Givler Award for outstanding thesis work.

After graduation Tyler made a living doing freelance design and illustration work until he eventually landed a full-time position as an interactive designer. He is happy to spend his free time running, hanging out with his wife and baby, and fixing up their house in North Portland.

Tyler is also currently illustrating a children’s book and exploring a non-linear narrative based on the death of Sir Bishop Jenkins. Despite a packed schedule Tyler still is able to find time for drawing robots and ninjas and making toys he would like to own.

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